About Sphere Games

Why not publish the game ourselves? That is the question that is at the core of our decision of creating Sphere Games. Of course, before Sphere Games, the three of us were fans of board games. Over the last few years, we spent many days and nights playing board games with our friends. That's how we became aware of the diversity that the market had to offer, and that gave Maxime the ideas for Brilliants. Through Sphere Games, we want to share our passion for board games with you.

Another part of Sphere Games is the crowd funding adventure. When we first discussed about the company, we were sure we would crowd fund through Kickstarter because it seemed to be our best bet. Even though a Kickstarter campaign is hard work, we put our best efforts in it because we believe we have what it takes to make it a success!

Finally, Sphere Games was also born from our desire to keep the project ours. Dealing with a publisher would have robbed us of our total independance and the final product wouldn't have been the same.

Lastly, why the name Sphere Games? We chose that name because it is simple, easy to remember and applicable to all kinds of products. One of our goals is to eventually bring entertainment to anyone, no matter where they live around the globe, so Sphere as a name encompasses that. It also leaves us the option to venture into other spheres of entertainment such as puzzles, games, and toys! But first, let’s focus on BrilliAnts since we need your support and 100% of our initial effort in that project if we want to have a chance to succeed!

Meet The Team!

Maxime Tardif.

Maxime Tardif

Maxime is the President of Sphere Games and Designer of the game.

Simon Touzel.

Simon Touzel

Simon T. is the Vice-President of Sphere Games and co-designer.

Simon Bélanger.

Simon Bélanger

Simon B. is Treasurer and Secretary of Sphere Games and co-designer.